B Corp Spotlight: Murphy’s Naturals

Originally founded in 2015, Murphy’s Naturals produces plant-based mosquito repellents.  They are a certified B Corp and make a deeper commitment to the sustainable business model movement by donating 2% of revenue every year to organizations that support the environment.  They do an incredible job of balancing their purpose with profits and are proud to be a B Corp located in Raleigh, NC. 

We were able to talk to Audrey Henderson, Director of Sustainability & Social Mission at Murphy’s Naturals, to gain more insight into their story!

Tell us a little about your company! What do you do, and what is your mission?

Our mission is: “To Celebrate Nature and Inspire Good through Quality Naturals Products”

We are an outdoor lifestyle brand that makes plant based mosquito repellents here in Raleigh, NC!  We are founded by Philip Freeman, a US Navy Veteran and are family operated.  Not only are we a certified B Corp, we are also a member of 1% for the Planet and are committed each year to donate 2% of revenues to environmentally minded organizations.

Any advice to other impact-driven businesses thinking about becoming certified?

The certification process is extensive and rigorous, but it’s meant to be!  Being a B Corp changes the way you look at business and helps you and your company to use your business as a force for good both internally and externally.  It also attracts incredibly talented individuals who are passionate about their work.  Our advice would be to just take the assessment and see where your company lands!  Having that baseline will help you see where your company can improve, and those changes can be made little by little until you hit the certification score or until you’re ready to commit.

As B Corporations, our work is ever-evolving and we’re constantly working on improving our sustainability efforts. What are some social and/or environmental goals that your company is hoping to achieve by the time recertification comes around?

We are undergoing the re-certifying process right now, but in the next couple of years, we are aiming at becoming a Zero Waste to Landfill operation.  We’re actively working on getting rid of unnecessary plastic in all of our packaging, setting carbon emission reduction targets, becoming plastic neutral, and so much more!

How does being a B Corp influence the way your company does business?

Every decision made in the company is filtered through the lens of our social mission / B Corp status.  Whether it’s being mindful of where we post our job openings, what packaging material to use, employee benefits, or who we choose as a supplier, every decision is meticulously thought over and put up against our social mission.

In your opinion, what role does consumer education play in supporting the B Corp movement?

As a certified B Corporation, we have the responsibility and privilege of educating our consumers on what being a B Corporation is and why it’s important.  The process to become a certified B Corp is so rigorous and thorough, consumers should know why they can trust a B Corporation!  We take the opportunity to educate our consumer on the topic through our product labeling, website, impact reports, social media, etc.

How would you describe the culture at your company?

Our culture is something that we put a LOT of thought into.  We are a small family operated business with a can do attitude.  We often say at Murphy’s, there’s never an “I” but always a “we” because there’s not one person’s job that can be done without the help of another role.  When someone needs help, someone always answers!  Our culture is also just FUN!  Whether it is having a life sized cardboard cutout of Michael Scott join us for our team meetings or having a snow cone truck stop by mid-day (we love food!), we know how to work hard AND play hard.

What is something unique about your team?

We’re veteran owned and family operated!

How does your company typically celebrate success and achievements?

FOOD!  We love to take any chance we get to celebrate one another and the company.  Whether it’s celebrating a team member’s work anniversary, going to the brewery next door to celebrate a product launch, or heading for food and drinks after company volunteer days, we love to take the time to have some fun as a team!