B Corp Spotlight: Open Eye Creative

We’re excited to feature Open Eye Creative, a storytelling video content company that works directly with those who are making an impact.  As a certified B Corp located right in Durham NC, they have years of experience in sharing stories of those working to make the world a better place.  

Interested in Open Eye Creative’s  experience with B Corp Certification? We had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Healy, Co-founder and Managing Director of Open Eye Creative, to share their story.

Tell us a little about your company! What do you do, and what is your mission?

We’re a video storytelling agency that works with nonprofits, institutes of higher education, and mission-driven businesses to raise revenue and awareness. Our mission is to help our clients share amazing stories, build thriving communities, and achieve remarkable goals.

Why did your company decide to become a B Corp?

We wanted to make a formal commitment to being a responsible business and putting our values into action. Back in 2012, Rachel worked at a company that shared a floor with Raleigh Founded (then a different name), which was working on becoming a B Corp. So for a long time we knew this was an option we wanted to pursue.

Any advice to other impact-driven businesses thinking about becoming certified?

If possible, get involved with the B Corp Clinic at NC State. This is a semester-long program that pairs companies with students who help with the B Corp assessment. Our team helped us prepare for the review and provided vital support to us on our B Corp journey.  

As B Corporations, our work is ever-evolving and we’re constantly working on improving our sustainability efforts. What are some social and/or environmental goals that your company is hoping to achieve by the time recertification comes around?

We’d like to get more focused on supporting a particular cause. Right now, we help support a few local organizations (through charitable donations, pro bono work, etc.), but we’d like to move toward a more collaborative, focused effort in order to make a greater impact.

How does being a B Corp influence the way your company does business?

There are a lot of ways, but a big one is choosing vendors. Do we want to use a big national bank or a local credit union? We always look for suppliers that are local, use verifiable environmental and/or social best practices, and are women-owned or owned by people from underrepresented populations.

Has your company collaborated with other B Corps in the Triangle? What was that experience like?

We collaborated with Unity Web Agency this year to talk about making digital content more accessible. We’ve met a lot of fantastic people through the local B Corp community – we’re lucky that the movement is thriving in this area!