B Corp Spotlight: Fair Game Beverage Company

Fair Game Beverage Company was founded in 2016 and has grown to be an enormous success in the Triangle Area.  As North Carolina’s 13th legal distillery, they offer some of the oldest barrel aged spirits in the area and offer a fantastic venue in the heart of Pittsboro.  They are also proud members of the B Corp community and are passionate about connecting with other sustainable businesses!

Today we had the opportunity to talk to Lyle Estill, Ringmaster and Lion Tamer, to learn more about their journey to becoming a B Corp.  

Tell us a little about your company! What do you do, and what is your mission?

We make spirits.  We are a value added processor dedicated to the North Carolina food shed.

Any advice to other impact-driven businesses thinking about becoming certified?

Take the assessment–even if you don’t care about certifying.  Taking it will make you think differently about your business.  We also just filed our recertification.  Let the fun begin.  I would like to see our benefits plan grow.

How does being a B Corp influence the way your company does business?

We put the mission first.  Becoming a B Corp was in our original business plan, so our shareholders understand that we will err on the side of mission over traditional fiduciary responsibility.

In your opinion, what role does consumer education play in supporting the B Corp movement?

The road to bankruptcy is littered with the corpses of those who are dependent on “consumer education.”  Make great products that consumers want more of.  Create fantastic customer experience and the education will take care of itself.

Has your company collaborated with other B Corps in the Triangle? What was that experience like?

Yes.  We sell to other B Corps.  We buy from other B Corps.  We like to party with the B Corps community.

How has being a certified B Corporation shaped your company’s core values?

We have become highly conscious of “place,” increasing awareness of where our food comes from.